New Frame collection by Geesa: functional and stylish storage

Geldrop, February 2019 – the new Frame bathroom accessory collection by Geesa offers smart and elegant storage solutions by combining functions within a single accessory. The name of the collection is based on the chrome frame which includes plastic shelves in combination with other accessories. The design is minimalist, and the plastic shelves are removable. This makes it easy and hygienic to clean. Subtle drainage makes the slim Frame collection ideally suited to the bath and/or shower area. The multifunctional Frame collection was awarded the iF Design Award 2019.

The high-quality and recyclable accessories in the Frame collection are stylish, understated and durable in use. The combination of plastic with the chrome frame gives the collection its own character. The shelves and baskets vary in depth and application and provide for a sanitary space. Soap, bottles and razor blades each get their own place.

Combination options
During the Frame collection design process, Geesa had been guided by customer requirements in terms of the best combinations in accessories. This has led to the following accessories and combination possibilities: shelves in two sizes, a deep shelf, a corner shelf, a shelf with soap dispenser and towel hook, a shelf with LED light-and toilet roll holder, a shelf with toilet roll holder, a toilet brush holder, a basket, a large shelf with towel holder and a large shelf with basket and towel holder. All these accessories are available in white or black plastic. The same slim design of the frame ensures the accessories from the Frame collection combine well with Geesa's Aim collection.

Hidden and fast confirmation
The Frame collection has a hidden confirmation and is quick to assemble. Only two to four screws are required for wall mounting. The removable plastic insert is equipped with rubber parts to prevent vibration. Important in use in, for example, cruise ships, but also useful at home. The Frame collection is a future-proof collection because of its multi functionality, the timeless design and the ability to clean the removable shelves and baskets.

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