Nemox Black and Tone Gold combine beautifully with spiced honey

Gold interior hues are still the trend, so it should come as no surprise that the 2019 trend colour includes a dash of gold: spiced honey. This warm honey colour combines superbly with the black and gold Geesa bathroom accessories. Ensure your bathroom is updated in two shakes by applying a lick of an amber paint on the wall and some Nemox or Tone Gold accessories as essential details. The idea that white is the best colour to be used in bathrooms is outdated. Instead, colour is what they need! Colours with a comforting and relaxing effect are preferred, making the 2019 trend colour – spiced honey – a very suitable hue. The Geesa Nemox Black and Tone Gold bathroom accessories each in their own way combine perfectly with this tranquil warm colour.

Nemox black
The Nemox Black accessories have a minimalist look: a powerful and unadorned design with straight lines and a univocal visual language. The matt black accessories look austere and mysterious at the same time. Combining Nemox Black with an amber hue on the wall creates a less austere look, providing the bathroom with a quiet and warm contemporary atmosphere.

Tone Gold
Tone Gold is a stylish collection that combines alluring simplicity and smart design. The elegant curves are subtle and at the same time strong; Tone Gold has an excellent quality level and extremely rich appearance. The combination of these golden accessories and honey colour transforms the bathroom into an elegant and stylish space, allowing the feeling of luxury to predominate.