Geldrop, March 2019 - the new Multibasket from Geesa is unique of its kind. The basket can be mounted on the wall and used in two different ways: as a basket or a shelf, forming a recess on the inside.  This versatile accessory is made of high-quality plastic, with a matte exterior and glossy inside surfaces. The concealed fitting makes the Multibasket appear to float. A subtle drainage slot ensures no water remains inside. In addition, the Multibasket is simple to remove, making it easy to clean.

Geesa’s Multibasket has a surprising extra function. Not only can it be used as a basket on the wall, but also as a shelf with a recess. The basket form provides spacious storage for shampoos, scrubs and  large bottles, leaving the bathroom neat and tidy. The shelf form creates storage in the recess for smaller pots and bottles. This use also lends itself to the stylish presentation of attractive care products, such as complimentary hotel amenities. The subtle drainage slot means this accessory can also be effortlessly used in a wet shower or bath area.

 Easy to combine
The user-friendly Multibasket, in high-quality matte and glossy plastic, has rounded corners and a timeless look. This accessory is available in both black and white, so that it fits perfectly with many bathroom trends and styles. This means the Multibasket combines well with all Geesa collections.

Creative storage space
Due to the innovative fitting system and space-saving design, several Multibaskets can be used to great effect in a single bathroom scheme. By mounting several in a vertical or horizontal row, you can subtly create more storage space and a unique style. And the space can also be given a playful and elegant character by alternating the basket and shelf options.

Concealed Fittings
The Multibasket is easy to mount on a wall. The concealed fitting gives it a floating look. Includes fixings for wall mounting. The Multibasket is also effortless to remove from the wall for easy cleaning.

Geesa is launching the Multibasket in March 2019 at the leading ISH trade fair in Frankfurt. The Multibasket is available from Q3 2019.