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Discover Shift, our new premium bathroom accessory collection, designed in collaboration with the VanBerlo design agency. The new Shift bathroom accessories have a timeless and iconic design. The range of different colours, material finishes and even 3D patterns means that every bathroom can be designed according to your own vision down to the very last detail.

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An iconic monotype design

The towel hook is the basis of the collection; an iconic monotype design, with the base volume pushed up 20° to create a hook. This distinctive Shift design has been carried through to the rest of the collection. The collection's modelled and rounded edges make it safe and perfectly suited for use in your bathroom.

The Shift style platform

Shift's iconic design acts as a style platform. By offering a range of different colours, material finishes, graphic designs and even products with 3D designs, architects and designers can create signature concepts for any project, from hotel chains to cruise ships and private villas. The collection includes a range of different price levels, making Shift suitable for a variety of projects and interiors. Architects and designers have the option of adding a self-designed version of the design to the Shift platform for larger projects. See the complete collection, including the additional design options, for projects here.



Colour varieties


Brushed metal black

The brushed metal black finish on this range stands for understated luxury with a feeling of pride. The various 3-dimensional patterns on for example the hooks and toilet roll holder provide an elegant finish.

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Brushed gold

Go large and make a statement in the bathroom by opting for Shift in gold. The brushed gold finish in conjunction with the 3-dimensional geometric patterns make the Shift accessories gems in any bathroom.

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Brushed stainless steel

Shift relies on minimalist design The brushed stainless steel finish emphasises the pure shapes in this range. The various patterns available lend the bathroom or toilet surprising detail.

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The iconic design of Shift in conjunction with the matt black finish comes into its own in the modern bathroom. The horizontal stripe pattern on for example the hooks and toilet roll holder add an element of cool to the range.

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Shift shines out, and that's not only down to its chrome finish. For example the diamond pattern hook is a jewel in any bathroom. It's the opulent finish which makes this range so exclusive.

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In addition to the choice of finish, there are pattern options available for the hook and toilet roll holders ranging from classic to modern. Having both graphic designs and 3D patterns means that the texture of the accessories creates an extra stunning light, making this collection unique. The 3D patterns are a real eye-catcher and invite users to touch the product.


Highly durable

The Shift style platform and Shift products are designed to last for many years, even when used in intensive settings such as hotels and cruise ships. The iconic and timeless design and the high-quality material used to make the accessories make Shift a highly durable collection. In addition to a minimum 15-year warranty, the accessories are also supplied with fitting materials. The sturdy construction and design of the products mean they can be fitted securely for long-term use.

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