Press release: AIM basket, a timeless design with a wide variety of options for use

Innovative and user-friendly

A basket is an all-time essential bathroom accessory. Nothing is more practical and tidy as having all of your shampoos, shower gels and scrubs nicely stored and within easy reach. Despite its timeless design, the AIM basket by Geesa is unique, extremely user-friendly and innovative. The AIM basket has two options for mounting: with its basket inset fixed in the holder, or with a removable basket inset. In addition, the basket holder is made from shiny chrome and the basket itself from durable synthetic material which is available in two standard colours: black and white.If you want the combination of comfort, sustainability and minimalist design, choose the AIM basket by Geesa; an unadorned item with straight lines and a geometrical symmetry. The shiny chrome holder is combined with a synthetic basket inset. The AIM basket is a wonderful example of innovation and user-friendliness.


Two options for mounting

The AIM basket is a timeless design with various options and two different options for mounting. The basket can be mounted to allow for the basket inset to be removed from the holder, which makes cleaning the dishwasher-safe basket easy and practical. The other option is for the basket to be mounted in such a way that the basket inset is locked and stays in the holder. The choice is up to the user.

Ease of use

The AIM basket provides ease of use to both installers and users. It is easily and quickly installed and the synthetic basket is durable and provides a spacious and stable storage space for various skincare products. The AIM basket suits a variety of interiors and is available in two standard colours: black and white.

The AIM basket is part of the AIM collection designed by Joanna Boothman Design, Amsterdam. The collection provides a series of bathroom accessories with the same concept of less is more, such as the functional toilet paper holder with an integrated shelf for a mobile telephone.