Service & warranty

Maintenance tips
In order to maintain your accessories in optimum condition, follow the instructions below when cleaning: The best way to clean our products is with a soft and moist cloth and a regular household cleaner. Do not use any aggressive cleaning agents. Clean stainless steel using a microfibre cloth and glass cleaner or a special cleaning agent for stainless steel. Do not use any products with chlorine or hydrochloric acid. Clean plastic parts with a regular cleaning agent.

What is the best height for mounting?
Our accessories are designed to last a lifetime. They are a perfect balance of quality, functionality and design. To make sure you enjoy our products to the fullest, we would like to advice you on the ideal mounting height. These heights are based on the average height of an adult person and are of course meant as a guideline. Most importantly is that you choose a height that works best in your personal situation.

Bath Shower Sink Toilet Public area: sink & toilet

Warranty periods
In conformity with our terms and conditions of sale and delivery.

All collections:

Chrome and construction 15 years
Ceramics 15 years
Stainless steel 15 years
Nemox Black 15 years
PVD coated 15 years
Public Area 15 years
Mirrors 2 years
Electronics 2 years
Scales 2 years