Stylish shower baskets complete the Geesa Wynk collection

Geesa has expanded the Wynk bathroom accessory collection with an indispensable bathroom item: the basket. Not one, but two brand-new Wynk baskets comprise a perfect combination of stylish design and a functional application. Geesa supplies both a slimline and wide model. The slimline variant requires limited space and is very suitable for smaller bathrooms, while the wide and deep variant provides plenty of room for large bottles. Perfect for spacious bathrooms. The fine and solid Wynk baskets provide shower gels, shampoos and scrubs with a suitable and functional place in the shower.

Wynk is a broad collection with a high standard of design and quality. The two new shower baskets complete the Wynk collection and provide a solution for both large and smaller bathrooms. The slimline model was especially designed for smaller showers, making it suitable for smaller private bathrooms as well as modest hotel bathrooms. Mini skincare products will easily fit in the slimline Wynk basket and smaller hotel bottles are beautifully presented in this stylish variant. The deep Wynk basket provides generous space for large bath and shower bottles, and is perfect for spacious bathrooms.

Stylish and functional
The elegant and modern character ensure that the Wynk baskets are a perfect expansion of the timeless Wynk collection. With its flat lines and soft curves in shiny chrome, the baskets can be perfectly combined with the other accessories from the collection. Both basket models have an opening in the curved front to ensure the labels on skincare products are visible. The flat bottom, curved front and rounded sides ensure that the bottles remain stable, and the rounded and functional corners prevent bottles from falling out of the basket; instead, they slide back into the basket. Both baskets are provided with narrow openings at the front, sides and back, ensuring optimum water drainage while showering.

Thanks to the Wynk baskets, shower gels, shampoos and scrubs are within reach when showering. The design and material allow for easy mounting and cleaning to guarantee that the shower baskets remain beautiful details in the bathroom. With an affordable price level, the Wynk baskets are a stylish addition for many bathroom interiors.