Service & warranty

Maintenance tips
Our accessories are designed to last a lifetime, and they provide the perfect balance between quality, functionality and design. In order to maintain your accessories in optimum condition, follow the instructions below when cleaning:

The best way to clean our products is with a soft and moist cloth and a regular household cleaner. Do not use any aggressive cleaning agents. Clean stainless steel using a microfibre cloth and glass cleaner or a special cleaning agent for stainless steel. Do not use any products with chlorine or hydrochloric acid. Clean plastic parts with a regular cleaning agent.

Warranty periods
In conformity with our terms and conditions of sale and delivery.

All collections:

chromium and constructions 12 years
Ceramics 12 years
Nemox Black 2 years
Stainless steel 5 years
Soap dispensers 2 years (for construction)
Mirror 2 years (for the reflective layer)
Hand dryers 2 years
Hair dryers 2 years
Scales 2 years
Bucket grid 2 years (for construction)